At Drastic Results we help franchise professionals and service-based entrepreneurs who sell their expertise to:

  • Get Known (Be Attractive)

  • Get Connected (Be Prepared)

  • Get Paid (Be Memorable)

Using proven networking strategies to make the impact and income they desire. We especially love helping introverts to get drastic!


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Marketing &

Sales Coaching

Take your marketing and sales game to the next level and achieve unparalleled growth for your business to go viral and make six-figures in record time!

Network in Action

Global Partners

Expand your reach and achieve your goals on a global scale. Join us today and unlock the power of international networking for unprecedented success.

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Elevate your event and leave a lasting impression with Toni who captivates, educates, and motivates. Book Toni and ensure your next event is a resounding success.

AI Consulting

Partner with Toni and unleash the transformative power of artificial intelligence in your organization.

Franchise Networking

Join us and unlock the potential to take your franchise business to new heights.


With our carefully selected partnerships and expert guidance, unlock unlimited opportunities to monetize your online presence and achieve financial freedom.



Toni Harris Taylor is also known as The Networking Queen™. Toni’s brand is about taking DRASTIC steps to be successful. As an owner of a referral network and a sales and marketing coach, Toni teaches her clients to build relationships to Get Known, Get Connected to Get Paid! If you are ready to end the frustrations of growing your business, connect with Toni to see how she can help you to turn more contacts to contracts!


90 days. 45 introductions. 10X sales growth. That was only the beginning! Every 90 days, there were at least 60 additional introductions.

I needed both drastic and accelerated business results, and Toni delivered. The pandemic decimated my profitable travel business, so I needed help - quick. Because Toni helped me expand my reach, offers, and beliefs, my business continues to grow.

Toni shares my name every chance she gets. Her referrals increase my audience, my community, and my client list. She is truly the Coach that Connects and I'm inspired to do my best.

I can't wait to embrace more of what she models for us and what she generously provides to her clients and NIA members.

--Valeria Vick

Val Vick Content & Copywriting

"What can I say other than I am truly grateful to Jehovah for allowing Toni to come into my life. By me trust her with my bill money when I didn’t have it, has taken my life to another level and stilling blowing my mind each day. I used to work in my garage but following Toni I’m in a high rise building to having my commercial playing in the movie theater is speechless. I follow Toni wherever she goes, she can’t leave me behind."

– Mia White,

Master Wealth Financial

"My work with Toni has been incomparable to any experience I've had so far in my business. She is a wealth of knowledge and resources. She understands your business, asked the right (and hard) questions, and most importantly inspires you to literally BE drastic. She has coached me to step outside my comfort zone, and has shown me how to dream big and take action towards my goals. From publishing my first book, to becoming a national speaker and my networking efforts."

– Dai Smith, Simplicity by Day,

Professional Organizer

"Toni is an unbelievable networker, leader, connector, coach, trainer... and the list goes on! Toni has been instrumental in helping me grow my Social Media business. If you have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity, consider yourself blessed! Thanks, Toni!"

– Jasmin Augustin,

Media Jasmin, Social Media Manager

"Toni is an excellent Coach and networker. She teaches you to be drastic and how to net-work in ways that will build relationships and lead to helping others and increase your business. She helps you think outside of the box and to be original. She can connect you with a lot of people in different types of businesses all over the world. I highly recommend her crowd coaching and NIA networking group."

– Jacque C., Realtor

"Choosing to work with Toni as my Business Coach has been one of the best investments I made in my professional career as a life and business coach. I now have clarity and a new sense of confidence, because she forced me out of my comfort zone and caused me to get DRASTIC!"

– Roy L. Johnson, Jr., E2W Inc.

"I knew it was time to get drastic with my business! Toni brought out the confidence that I forgot I already had. She encouraged me by sharing her business wisdom, taught me how important it is to create relationships, and how drastic moves can help you reach goals. I made more money and became one of my broker’s top producers when I began to work with Toni. If you are looking for drastic results in your business work with Toni!"

– Sheila Collins, Realtor

"Toni Harris Taylor. She has been instrumental in helping me to get out of my own way. With her, you take Drastic Steps to Get Drastic Results. She is the best at what she does. She is my business coach, my suite partner, my client, and most of all my dear friend. Within a year of knowing her, I have written a book, moved into my own location, started walking into my passion seriously with 365NNC as an Image Consultant & Branding Coach."

– Nikki Smith, Image Consultant and Set Designer

- S. Ivey

The energy of the program was so positive! This was my first virtual conference and I loved it! I don't know what you could have done differently to make it better because it was great!

- R. Johnson

The energy is high, and you keep your attendees motivated and engaged. Best virtual conference to date!

- S. Coleman

I have never attended an excellent conference, but this was definitely it! Great Job!!! Standing Ovation!

- S. Joseph

It was very active and loaded with information. A lot of diverse content.

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